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With Bio-twirling Isabel Burr Raty invites the audience of participants to go beyond the topographical and historical frontiers that define our own “tribalism”. To enter into the void of our inner and outer territories, mobilizing our bodies into a common – twirl against the clock –, in order to flirt with the mystery that makes all interspecies co-habit in this world. In a playful game and through the parcours of a visual installation, Isabel opens an intimate universe, where the abject becomes a pulse between freedom and domination, mirroring the chaotic and surrealist fragility that you may find imprinted in the landscapes of Brussels.

Bio-Twirling interconnectivity game + workshop 

2023 Bildy Market by Einat Tuchman Tour et Taxis

Bio-TwirlingPark Maximilian & WTC

2017 Het TheaterFestival

2017 KVS Theater

Bio-Twirling was created under MAPping KVS, Brussels

Co-produced by KVS & Mestizo Arts Platform, Citylab Pianofabriek & Theater de Galafornie 

In MAPping, we uncover the traces of unusual users: of makers, artists from an array of different disciplines, an array of different artistic circles and multiple generations. Along with them, we discover and rediscover the connective tissue of the city with all the more warmth and feeling. Each in their own way, the artists map their city; their home. We jump into their skin and stroll with them through their lives and stories in Brussels.

By & with Isabel Burr Raty, Amira Daoudi, Didier De Neck, Roland Dumbi-Kabangu, Junior Mthombeni, Gerardo Salinas, Omar Semati, Angela Tillieu Olodo, Benjamin Vandewalle, Pitcho Womba Konga Galafronie Didier De Neck, Marianne Hansé, Ditte Van Brempt Pianofabriek Citylab Harry Sacré, Samira Hmouda, Angela Tillieu Olodo KVS Donald Berlanger, Laurence De Lafontaine, Heidi Ehrhart, Inge Floré, Lien Stas, Max Stuurman technique Lieven Symaeys production manager Nadia El Mahi Video Delphine Somers Audioguide editing Angela Tillieu Olodo, Max Stuurman


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