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Bloody Mary Performance
Isabel Burr Raty

The artist enhances the recipe of the classical Bloody Mary

by adding her own menstrual blood.


While claiming the benefits of this formula,

she serves "shots".


A heated conversation about the technologies

that are re-shaping the course of “existence” take place.

The ideal cocktail performance for all kinds of social events.





2020 a.pass Research Center Cycle I publication launch @ Rile Brussels (BE)

2019 Neo Futuristic Dinner on Eating  Humans @ Mediamatic Amsterdam (NL)

2018 Opening vernissage of Menses Antidote @ Constant_V Brussels (BE)

2017 Bio-twirling Performance @ MAPping KVS (BE)

2017 Bio-twirling Performance @ & Het Theather Brussels (BE)

2017 Border Sessions @ Human Enhancement Clinic The Hague (NL)

2017 11th hour Resistance Performance @ Szenne art lab Brussels (BE)

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