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THE VILLAGE / It’s not -post- It’s happening in my garden!

Under construction public try-out (2023)


An exploration of the performance installation and public engagement potentials of

The (Power Plant) Village Archive

At Buda Kortrijk

co-produced with nadine Brussels 


During this public try out Isabel guided a tour through transpositions of the biochemical playground that she has in her garden, which transmits sexual energy into a unit that powers the Bubble Ponics off the grid living and agriculture system to offer trans-dimensional travels.

Inviting the public to overcome the cartesian grid’s three dimensional biodiversity embroidery and embody a metaphysics of trans-material superpositions and quantum experiences across, not species but beings, agents, spectres. Where the Planet Earth and sidereal organisms can be perceived as vibrational life support systems.

Dramaturgical support Einat Tuchman

Devices and Space design Marzia Dalfini

Image Dari Gatti

Team Nora Allegaert, Camila Montero, Ditte Briss, Patricia Barakat

Models Antye Guenther, Loes Jacobs, An Goovaerts, Phyllis Dierick

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