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Isabel Burr Raty is a person of mixed chilean-belgian roots based in Brussels, working as a multidisciplinary artist and researcher, teacher, sporadic curator and dramaturg, and sexual Kung Fu coach. From these spaces, she explores the interstices between the organic and the artificial, between the unlicensed knowledge of minority groups and the official facts. Aiming to bring to light chapters left out of history books, blur the limits between fiction/reality and re-think the memory of the future.

Isabel has a background as a theater director and as an activist filmmaker working in de-colonial struggles in Chile, in particular in the autonomy fight of the Rapa Nui people, the first nation of Easter Island (Easter Island is a Chilean colony).

Her artistic research and practice are based on queer-ecologies, post-human and de-colonial perspectives, where the sources of inspiration range from Indigenous knowledge and Eastern body practices, to quantum physics perceptions of matter and bodies. For the past years her hybrid art works, have focused on creating conditions for embodied Sci-Fiction. Offering community spaces for transindividual knowledge exchange on de-acceleration, maintenance and pleasure economies, such as The Beauty Kit and The (Power Plant) Village. 


She currently teaches Media theory and mentors the Pluri-disciplinary Masters at École de Recherche Graphique in Brussels. Since 2016 Isabel has joined a number of research organizations. For example a.pass, nadine, EU project Staying in Touch curatorial practices of the Future, wpZimmer etc. Where she has also curated a series of events about sci-fi and territories restoration, amongst other topics. In 2018 Amsterdam Arts Fund partnered her to Waag Futurelab and Mediamatic Art, nature, micro-organisms and food in Amsterdam.


Isabel’s works have been shown internationally, at i.e.: KVS Theatre, La Loge, Constant_V Brussels, Campo, Viernulvier and Museum Dhont-Dhaenes Ghent, Palais de Tokyo Paris, Kapelica Gallery Ljubljana, ISEA Hong Kong, Cultivamos Cultura Portugal. Furthermore her lectures have been programmed at Eco-futures Queen Mary's University London, FACTT Humboldt University Berlin, Science Friction Aki Institute in Enschede University, FEMeeting Faculty of the Arts Lisbon University, Taboo Transgression Transcendence in Art and Science Ionian University Corfu, Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts and Sciences University of the Arts Berlin, Rampa Lab Ljubljana, Human Enhancement Clinic Border Sessions the Hague, etc.


Isabel has postmaster in advanced performance and scenography studies obtained in a.pass Brussels. She studied Philosophy at the Alberto Hurtado University and LeCoq Physical Theatre at La Mancha, both in Santiago Chile, as well as imaginative Realism Method at Chekhov Studio in London. She has an extensive research in theosophy, biology and physics, and over a decade of inland-living experience with communities of the Andes and Polynesia. In 2017 she started a focused training in Sexual Kung Fu and inner alchemy with Mantak Chia at the Universal Tao Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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