created & performed by

Isabel Burr Raty

programming & electronic design 

Tim V

graphic design

Miriam Hempel

with the support of

Flemish Community Commission

in Brussels


ZSenne Art Lab

Co-produced by

Waag Amsterdam

MENSES ANTIDOTE is an auto-performative bio-sculpture that stands as an electronic totem invoking the magic held in the organs that birth us into life, before..., or rather as they are becoming synthetically engineered in the lab. The hybrid nature of this totem intertwines an invigorating and erogenous melting genital substance with an “electronic DIY nervous system”, programmed to manufacture a cure-tonic that Isabel drinks. The visitors are invited to acoustically and kinetically interact with Menses Antidote and its “meaning assembly manual”, discovering behind a steaming vitrine an alternative past for the future of artificial life. MENSES ANTIDOTE started in Amerindian and Polynesian territories, where Isabel embodied tribal practices of DNA exchanges with the landscape, in trying to comprehend the ancestral belief that the “Earth is a Womb”.

P1011769.JPG .JPG



MENSES ANTIDOTE had its Belgian premiere in Constant_V on the 31st of March 2018. The exhibition ran from one moon cycle, from full moon to full moon, until the 30th of April 2018.

Up coming

November 2018 WAB Nadine Brussels

January 2019 Waag Amsterdam

Spring 2019 Lady Bug Festival curated by Lucille Calmel, Lyon France

January 2020 SXC Gallery Santiago Chile