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After the British, Spanish and Chilean explorers had exterminated all the indigenous nations in Chilean Patagonia, i.e: Caucahue, Aónikenk, Selk'nam, etc., the Chilean government opened the doors for pioneers to inhabit these lands. The new incomers came from the north of Chile and from Europe, settling along 800 km of exuberant territory. In this mask monologue, Isabel Burr Raty embodies three pioneer women (including her grandmother) who look at their life and future projects. This theatrical document unfolds the feminine story and contradictory reality of Jurassic lands that become ambitious tourism and energy projects.

Direction, production, dramaturgy, acting, mask confection Isabel Burr Raty 

Acting Direction 

Gonzalo Losada & María Ignacia Bouchon 


Antonio Quercia, Daniela Morales & Isabel Burr Raty 


Camila Montero & Luis Portcarrero 

Integral Design 

Sergio Torretta 


Fernando Meneses 

Costume Design 

Marjory Araya

Graphic Design 

Francisca Armas  


José Joaquín Ovalle & Enrique Llano 

Creative Advisors 

Pía Beckmann & Fernando Meneses


Supported by 

Council of Arts & Culture XI Region Chile

Wallonie Bruxelles in Chile, Spanish Cultural Center, UCC Channel Bicentenario, ACCA of CONAMA, Eduardo Cifuentes’s Photography, Municipalities of: Chile Chico, Cochrane, Caleta Tortel, Villa O’Higgins, Puerto Ibáñez and Puerto Tranquilo, SERNAM XI Aysén Region, Balmaceda Arte Joven, Pan Semilla, Vinos Bouchon

Theatrical document – The Concept

Las Tres Marías is a combination of Comedia Humana, which is the modern version of Commedia dell’Arte, with documentary film. Both the masks and the film, perform as a unity by telling stories that back then had not been documented in a theatrical form. This theatrical document was designed to travel and be performed in unofficial performing spaces.

Play Tour

In 2006 this mask play toured all along the villages of the most southern part of the Austral Highway, from Coyaique to Villa O'higgins. Because at that time there were no theaters around, Las Tres Maráas performed in public spaces and schools, communal & sports centers, bringing theater to people that had never seen theater before.




October: Season at Museo Benjamín Vicuña Mackena, Santiago


June: Season at Biblioteca de Santiago

September: Season at Biblioteca de Santiago


January: Season at Festival de Teatro Festival Off, Galpón 7, Santiago

January:  Season at Centro Cultural “El Sofá”, Santiago

January: La Legua, Santiago

September: Centro Cultural “Ainil”, Santiago



March: Austral Highway Chilean Patagonia tour, villages: Chile Chico, Puerto Bertrand, Cochrane, Caleta Tortel, Villa O’higgins & Puerto Tranquilo

June: Centro Cultural de España, Santiago

July: Season in Teatro Balmaceda 1215, Quinta Normal, Santiago

September: Season at Teatro Lastarria 90, Santiago

November: Season at Teatro Galpón 7, Santiago


theatrical document

mask play

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