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Some kind of humans are exhausting the energy available in the planet for the realisation of an exciting trans-human tale, that amongst others, replicates human intelligibility and surpasses it with algorithms and machines bio-mimicking species wet mechanics for optimised performance.

What’s the next? Colonising Mars to power?

Before moving into

type civilization II of the Kardashev scale

to colonize starts, asteroids, planets,

consuming their energy and resources,

or on the other side of the scale,

if we are doomed to ecocide and annihilation of kinds,

due to the increasing sun,

it might be relevant to re-think

what is to power.  


The (Power Plant) Village is the 

Quantum Fiction of a nomadic underground community centred around a Power Plant.

A green power generator that collectivises ecstatic force to turn on libidinal culture processes, that awake superpowers and offer trans-dimensional travels,

establishing intra and

extra planetary relationality.


The (Power Plant) Village carries out a transdisciplinary artistic research of restorative ecology interstices in

post-natural scenarios, that proposes to move from the notion of empowerment

to power generation in

nomadic artistic practice.

By placing the desire to power at work within an alternative energy generation system, that queers the role of the human, as well as the commodification of matter,

in the process.

Providing speculative, yet material assets that can help us think about power(ing),

not from subtraction, but from added values that never get lost

going from one source to another.





Research with the kind support of

Vlaamse Gemeenschap, nadine, wpZimmer, Buda, Kersnikova Institute Ljubljana


Elke Van Campenhout,  Antye Guenther and ooooo

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