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2024 Book Designing Gender, A feminist Toolkit by Sarah Elsie Baker Bloomsbury Editorial, (AU)

Image contribution by Hana Marn of Beauty Kit Bio-autonomus farming workshop Cipke Kersnikova institute

2023 TV Bruzz, Bruzz International, artist interview Brussels (BE)

2023 (author) Performance Research Magazine Issue of Blood, author of Menstrual Blood Drinks &

Scrubs in Performance Art Research artist page, (UK)

2023 Etcetera Magazine restorative ecology collective interview with María Lucia Cruz Correia (PT), Dodi Spinoza (ME) Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha (BR) and Isabel Burr Raty (BE/CL) by Lena Vercauteren, (BE) 

2022 (co-author) Book apass co-author

2021 Annual magazine Reflections City of Women International Festival of Contemporary Arts,  Ljubljana (SI) p.34-39

2020 (author) Beauty Kit an Eco-erogenous Art Project, Experimental Catalogue Publication

(paper print & digital)

2020 ROT magazine “Wicked technology/Wild fermentation” by Sara Manente, Beauty Kit contribution, Brussels (BE)


2020 (co-author) Technoetic ArtsVolume 18, Issue Taboo–Transgression–Transcendence in Art & Science, Body shopping: Challenging convention in the donation and use of bodily materials through art practice, Oct 2020, p. 279 - 297

2020 Radio Panik, Les courriers du cœur du cul, Beauty Kit Interview, Brussels (BE)

2019 AT5 TV Channel: Museumnacht Crème van lichaamssappen, Beauty Kit Spa Interview Amsterdam (NL)

2019 Promotional video by AFK Unpacking the 3Package Deal @ Vondel CS, Beauty Kit Farm, Amsterdam (NL)


2019 Film Come Here Come Here by Julia Schmitz, premiered at Goldsmiths University Curzon Cinema, interview Isabel Burr Raty, London (UK)

2019 Red Wedge Magazine, The way of Transgression by Shannon Bell,  (CA)


2018 Mister Montly Magazine, The Harvest by Lietje Bauwens, (NL)


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