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Dear Sxstars

You are most welcome to come to the next

World Wide Womb Blessing Meditation

under this full moon of Wednesday 26th of May,

from 18:30 to 21:00 hrs., at my home in st. gilles.

If it's not raining we will have the circle around the fire. 


This meditation happens 5 times a year with over 200.000 womxn around the world, an interconnected web with the same intentions at the same time :)!

The Womb Blessing is an energy process to align with the universal female energies and to the Moon and the Earth, and to awaken cosmic archetypes that our bodies hold. At this time of the year we celebrate, heal, liberate, channel our sexual power.


What to bring:

A flower or whatever you have that represents a flower to you 

2 soup bowls

1 small candle 

offerings for the altar

nuts & fruits

a bottle of water to drink

a warm cover (if it's not raining we will do the meditation around the fire)


To have a deeper energetic experience, subscribe here before today at 22:00hrs.: Register your Womb Blessing!

Make sure you tap 18:00 hrs. This is UK time, so in BE it will be 7pm, the reason why we meet at 18:30, to prepare and start at 7pm.

My address is Rue Emile Feron 57, 1060

Hope to see you!

Isabel Burr Raty

moon m0ther 

artist, sexual Kung Fu coach 

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