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Lecture performance

Can the body be a territory for sustainable agricultural development? Can a brain orgasm be transformed into a source of renewable energy?


This performance is a hybrid narrative device that hacks the focus group format. Where Isabel Burr Raty exposes the farming technologies employed in the Beauty Kit farm, which recycle human erotic juices for the manufacture of unique transpersonal skin and care lines. Warmly inviting the public to try out some of these gender neutral products and be entangled with economies of pleasure exchange, she unveils contemporary and ancestral perspectives on the body’s orgasmic agencies, pointing out some socio-scientific gaps regarding sexuality.

Supported by

Flanders State of the Arts, WAB nadine, ZSenne art lab Brussels, Cultivamos Cultura Portugal




Women and Children First Festival Kunstencentrum VIERNULVIER, Ghent (BE)


Uitgeverij Atlas Contact B.V. publishing house, Paren by Dirk Vis, sci-fi book launch event, Amsterdam (NL)


• Enter Through The Void, Exit Through The Giftshop, Campo Victoria, Ghent (BE)

• Boundary-Crossings: Multiscalar Entanglements in Art, Science and Society, Toronto/online (CA)

• Cycle I a.pass Research Center, Publications Launch Rile, Brussels (BE)

Interdisciplinary Conference Taboo Transgression Transcendence in art & Science, Vienna/online (AT)


• Eco-Futures Festival, “Queer-feminist Ecocriticism in Live Art & Visual Cultures” on Sexing the Planet,

Drama and Performance Studies Department of Queen Mary’s University, London (UK)

• Pleuriversum Manifestation Ecological Awareness Festival, Arti et Amiticiae, Amsterdam (NL)
• Alt x ≈ Festival des Sexualités Alternatives, Espace Volger, Brussels (BE)
• Jerk Off Festival Pluridisciplinaire Indiscipliné, Point Éphémère, Paris (FR)

• Art, Science and Technology Teaching, Curating and Practice, FEMeeting Conference II Faculty of the Arts, University of Lisbon (PT)
• Mediamatic 
Art, nature, biology & food, Amsterdam (NL)

• Meet & Greet Artist in Residency, Air WG, Amsterdam (NL)

• Waagbreed, Waag Technology & Society, Amsterdam Amsterdam (NL)

• Victories over the Sun, a.pass Research Center & ZSenne art lab, Brussels (BE)


Imal Art Center for digital Cultures & Technology, WAB nadine, Brussels (BE)

• FEMeeting I Conference Women in Art Science and Technology, São Luís Odemira (PT)

• POI M4gastatelier, Tetterode Amsterdam (NL)

Waag Technology & Society, Theatrum Anatomicum, Amsterdam Amsterdam (NL)

• Mediamatic Art, nature, biology & food, Amsterdam (NL)
• Towards the farm Finissage artist residency, ZSenne art lab, Brussels (BE)


• Mapping KVS, Het Theater Festival, Brussels (BE)

• FACTT Festival of Art & Science, Humboldt University, Berlin (DE)
• Science Friction Creations in Bio-art and Bio-science, DesignLab University of Twente & AKI Institute of Media Art & Design Enschede University (NL)
• Do It Yourself Human Enhancement Clinic, Border Sessions Technology and Culture, 
Arts & Genomics Centre Leiden University, The Hague (NL)

• TTT Taboo Transcendence Transgression, Art & Science Interdisciplinary Conference, Department of

Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University, Corfu (GR)


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