The Beauty Kit Focus Group

a lecture performance by Isabel Burr Raty

Isabel currently runs a mobile Farm that harvests human female sexual juices, which will evolve into an “Eco-erogenous Para-pharmaceutics Village” in the Atacama Desert Chile and where “every-BODY” harvests and recycles each other.


The Beauty Kit Focus Group is a hybrid narrative device that hacks the focus group format. In this lecture the artist presents the beauty bio-products that she conceptualized and manufactures using the genital juices harvested in her mobile Farms. Conjugating medical and ancestral perspectives, she exposes how the nutritious properties of these fluids can replace components of cosmetics that we find in the market and points out empty gaps of scientific perspectives concerning the female body’s full agency.


The Focus Group participants are invited to try out some of these exotic unisex products, enjoying their benefits, and to inquire on the farming technologies as well as advising on the sustainable model of production.


With the Support of

Flanders State of the Arts

Nadine Wandering Arts Biennieale

ZSenne art lab Brussels

Cultivamos Cultura Portugal

ELKE VAN CAMPENHOUT on The Beauty Kit Focus Group

“Isabel Burr Raty digs under the skin of gender construction, or even more deeply: the construction of the feminine sex. Retelling the story of commerce and power, of health industry and witchcraft, of spiritual pornography and self-help mythologies, she opens up a new dimension to relate to the (own) sex apparatus. A refreshing take on everyday magic and feminist politics”

Performed at


2019/09 Alt X Festival Brussels

2019/09 Jerk Off Festival Paris

2019/07 a.pass Research Center Summer Residency  Zsenne artlab Brussels

2019/06 Mediamatic Amsterdam

2019/06 FEMeeting Faculty of the Arts Lisbon University

2019/05 Mediamatic Amsterdam

2019/03 Queer-feminist Ecocriticism in Live Art & Visual Cultures Ecofutures Festival, at the Drama and Performance Studies department Queen Mary’s University London

2018/11 The Waag Amsterdam

2018/11 Mediamatic Amsterdam

2018/06 Nadine Wandering Arts Biennial Meeting #2: 'Etat de lieu’ DinA Brussels

2018/03 Kickoff of Nadine Wandering Arts Biennial, Limal Brussels

2018/02 BKFF 0.1 Residency ZSenne art lab Brussels

2017/11 FACTT (Festival of Art & Science Trans-disciplinary and Trans-national), Humboldt University Berlin

2017/11 Science Friction Conference, Enschede University, AKI Institute of Media Art and Design, The Netherlands

2017/06 Human Enhancement Clinic by Waag Amsterdam at Border Sessions, Den Hague The Netherlands

2017/05 Taboo Transcendence Transgression in Art & Science Festival, Corfu Greece