eco-erogenous para-pharmaceutics

by Isabel Burr Raty

BEAUTY KIT is an ongoing project by the Belgian‐Chilean artist Isabel Burr Raty, a hands‐on research into the human body as a territory for sustainable agriculture. Isabel Burr Raty’s BKFF is a mobile farm where she and other females harvest their bodily juices to produce beauty care products, which are used for treatments and sold in her BK Spa & Shop and critically discussed in her BK Focus Group. Through a playful, embodied and participatory art practice, BEAUTY KIT tackles radical questions on ecology and exploitation, sexuality and agency.

BK is currently developing into becoming a self-sustainable Village of entanglements where female, male and trans bodies are harvested to make eco-friendly products. The idea is to position the human as more than human species that can offer solutions to the catastrophic times we are living in.