Interactive installation


In December 2020, BK Eco-erogenous Para-pharmaceutics will open BK Shop for the first time during Christmas time at nodine Gallery.

The different lines of BK bio-products will be available for the public to test them and purchase them if desired.

& BK, in collaboration with Bulgarian Artist and designer Pepa Ivanova, designs for the first time a limited edition of a Facial Care Set prototype. 

The set contains 4 products shaped with similar morphological features, locking one into the other like a spinal vertebrae. It's a metaphor for the backbone fundamentals of self care and preservation. Further, the shapes are easy to hold, with no sharp edges they organically fit in hand.

This luxurious set improves skin firmness, facial features and it is in itself an art object to be sold, in order to activate the circular economy of BK.

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BK facial care set contains a curated collection of the following Beauty Kit bio-products:

1.Premenstrual Fluid Extract Cleansing Lotion


2.Micro‐granulated Menstrual Blood Exfoliator


3.G-spot Ejaculation Clarifying Mist

4.Cervical Collagen Nourishing Face Cream


The formulas are created in collaboration with Chilean Aesthetician and Performance artist Lorena Gazmuri.


The facial care sets will contain the fluids harvested in Radical_house Beauty Kit Female Farm 0.4 and exhibited as art objects in Rampa Lab Ljubljana Slovenia in September 2020.

During Christmas time 2020, following all pandemy precautions, the sets will be sold at BK Shop installation nodine Brussels. This significant first “selling products step” will activate the circular economy premiss behind BK project.

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