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Interactive installation

In our growing post-natural reality, where we have consumed 60% of the earth’s biomass, BK Shop engages with a public that is ready to contribute to eco-friendly productions.


As if taken out of a science fiction novel, Beauty Kit researches the body as a territory for sustainable agriculture, to manufacture pharmaceutical products that recycle human fluids. The BK Shop forecasts the first chapter of this ongoing project: the Farm, which centers on empowering the body by harvesting erotic juices and manufacturing gender-neutral cosmetics.


During this exhibition invite visitors to experience state of the arts beauty formulas and become a part of a circular economic model to support the continuation of this chapter tackling sexual agency.

After an extensive international journey BEAUTY KIT arrived back to Brussels, opening up its first Pop Up Shop & Abductions @ n0dine, rue de Laekensestraat 105, 1000 Brussels

From 09/04/2021 to 17/04/2021 12:00 - 20:00


Shop manager Loïs Soleil
Shop assistant Celeste Combes

Ambient music Vets and Heymans
Graphic design Sana Ghobbeh
Technical support Hans Van Wambeke

Product formulas in collaboration with Lorena Gazmuri

Supported by: Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (VGC), nadine, radical_house, Kersnikova Ljubljana

The Farm exists through rumor. Through the projections and misunderstandings that carry it through the

different layers of perception: the perceptions of the Farm participants, those of the Spa visitors or the Beauty Kit Focus Group, or those who pick up on the project through hearsay and gossip. Throughout these diverse points of perception, the spectacular character of the Farm project steadily increases. No one is le untouched by the imaginary created by the Farm story, the mythical dimensions created in the set‐up, the ‘no way!’ factor of the narrative.”

Elke Van Campenhout, BK catalogue published in collaboration with a.pass research center, March 2020

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