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Beauty Kit Project

@ nadine 

Nieuwbrug 3 Rue du Pont Neuf 1000 Brussels

From 11 to 16hrs Monday to Friday


started collecting your Menstrual Blood every month and you don't know what to do with it?

Maybe you give it to your plants at home?

Maybe you freeze it?

Maybe you throw it down the toilet?

AND... What about donating your Menstrual Blood contributing to a self-sustainable art project?

In Beauty Kit Eco-erogenous Para-pharmaceutics we manufacture Menstrual Blood into revitalizing pills as well as different kinds of facial and body scrubs, recycling a bodily juice that is normally considered waste.

MENSTRUAL BLOOD contains three primary macronutrients that make up any Earth fertilizer: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These components are also essential for most of bio-chemical process happening in the body.

- Nitrogen is a main factor in the creation of the proteins that influence growth, hormonal production, brain functions & the immune system.

- Phosphorus helps create and manage energy. It synthesizes protein, fat and carbohydrates; contract muscles, balances body's fluid and electrolytes & helps the body utilize the B vitamins.

- Potassium is an electrolyte that helps maintain blood pressure healthy, balance body acid and control  electrical activity of the heart and other muscles.

Menstrual Blood is thus full of components made to boost up the immune system and re-energize the entire circulatory system.

BY DONATING YOUR frozen menstrual blood you will be contributing to the Beauty Kit Female Farm project. In this 7 day durational performance its guests become the harvesters of their female juices and learn to manufacture skin and care products with them, including female ejaculations and post-menopause streams. This free of costs experience allows participants to go through a transformation process by learning about the erogenous cavities that make up the landscapes of their female abyss. The BK manufactured products are sold as art objects in the BK SPA & SHOP and all income produced goes to finance the job of the BK Female Farm Facilitating Team.

At nadine Brussels BK will receive your frozen menstrual blood, de-freeze it, dry it, allowing all the water to exit avoiding any bacterial process. What will remain are all its mineral properties. Then we microgranulize it and pack it in small drinkable capsules amongst other BK products.


Please feel free to send an email here to the Farm Patrona Isabel


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