Research lead by Isabel Burr Raty

Supported by Flanders State of Arts Belgium,

Wandering Arts Biennial – Nadine, ZSenne art lab Brussels

Creative advisors: Pierre Rubio, Špela Petrič, Gosie Vervloessem

The Beauty Kit Farm is an eco-friendly cognitive-pleasure oriented farm that harvests female genital fluids to produce beauty bio-products. It functions as a mobile research installation that adapts to the site-specific ecosystem of the space it inhabits, recycling and archiving living materials and producing within a symbiotic niche of synergic mutualism. This farm explores its own self-sustainable economic model of production and invites participants from all over the world to write “Sci-Fi chapters in praxis time”.


Created & lead by Isabel Burr Raty

Curators:  Marta de Menezes & Dalila Honorato

Co-produced by Cultivamos Cultura Portugal

Supported by Flanders State of the Arts Belgium

Wandering Arts Biennial - Nadine, ZSenne art lab Brussels

In June 2018, the first experimental version of the Beauty Kit Farm, hosted by Marta de Menezes, took place at Cultivamos Cultura’s Barn and home. This precious Portuguese art hub is located in  Sao Luis, a beautiful countryside town. Here for 7 days female participants came from Mexico, UK, Norway, Australia, Greece, USA, Portugal, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Germany and Italy to compose the Farm Fascilitating Team and the Farm Harvesters.

With (from left to right)

Food Animating Operator

Rares Craiut

Farm Fertalizer

Elke Van Campenhout

La Patrona

Isabel Burr Raty

The Weeding Maiden

Arianna Marcollini

Farm Retratista

Camila Montero

Farm Harvesters (Guest artist participants): Amy Youngs, Marta de Menezes, Minerva Hernandez, Louise Mackenzie, Roberta Buiani, Hege Tapio, Dalila Honorato, Tarsh Bates, Kathy High & Helena Dietrich. (Not in the picture: Paulina Garcia Hubard & Maria Antonia González Valerio)