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Durational performance 

BKFF 0.1 Final Potrait_sepia copy.jpg

The Beauty Kit Farm is an eco-friendly cognitive-pleasure oriented farm that harvests erotic juices to produce beauty & well-being bio-products. It functions as a mobile research installation that adapts to the site-specific ecosystem of the space it inhabits, recycling and archiving living materials and producing within a symbiotic niche of synergic mutualism.


This farm explores its own self-sustainable economic model of production and invites participants from all over the world to write Sci-Fi chapters in praxis time.

Between 2018 & 2021 six BKFF have taken place & participants have come from Mexico, UK, Norway, Australia, Greece, USA, Portugal, Belgium, Canada, Chile, New Zeeland, Rumania, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Italy to compose the Farm Facilitating Team and the Farm Harvesters.




 @ Cultivamos Cultura Portugal 2018


Farm Harvesters guest artists participants (back line from left to right)

Amy Youngs, Marta de Menezes, Minerva Hernandez, Louise Mackenzie, Roberta Buiani, Hege Tapio, Dalila Honorato, Tarsh Bates, Kathy High & Helena Dietrich. (Not in the picture: Paulina Garcia Hubard & Maria Antonia González Valerio)

Farm facilitators (Front line)

Food Animating Operator Rares CraiutFarm Fertiliser Elke Van Campenhout,

La Patrona Isabel Burr RatyThe Weeding Maiden Arianna MarcolliniFarm Retratista Camila Montero

Curated by Marta de Menezes & Dalila Honorato

Co-produced with Cultivamos Cultura Portugal

Supported by Flanders State of the Arts Belgium, WAB, ZSenne art lab Brussels

In June 2018, the first experimental version of the Beauty Kit Farm, hosted by Marta de Menezes, took place at Cultivamos Cultura’s Barn and home. This precious Portuguese science and contemporay art hub is located in  Sao Luis, a beautiful countryside town of Odemira Portugal. 

BKFF 0.2 Amsterdam X-mas Camp Dec.2018 final portrait1_sepia copy.jpg




 @ The Waag & M4gastatelier Amsterdam 2018


Farm Harvesters / Guest artists participants (back line from left to right)

Ilona Westrik, Ira Melkonyan, Lorena Gazmuri & Vera Van Oostveen

Farm facilitators (Front line)

Farm Weaver Agnes SchneidewindHouse Keeper Nicolas Schiefelbein, La Patrona Isabel Burr Raty (& not in the picture: Farm Fertiliser Elke Van Campenhout)

Curated by Lucas Evers, Monica Aerden & Gaston Ten Horn

Co-produced with The Waag & M4gastatelier Amsterdam

Supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Flanders State of the Arts Belgium, WAB nadine

Fabric Workshop Janneke Raaphorst, Space & compost Design Nicolas Schiefelbein

The second version of BKFF happened over Christmas time in 2018 and was mapped out in two different buildings that hold historical significance for the inhabitants of Amsterdam: Waag Society & Technology, former entry gate to the city located at the center of Newmarket; and in M4gastatelier, platform for contemporary art, located in Tettedore, a 20th century font design and production company.

BKFF 0.3 Final Portrait_sepia copy.jpg




 @ Mediamatic Amsterdam 2019


Farm Harvesters / Guest artists participants

(back line from left to right)

Bianca Costiug, Fiona Blair, Sasha Bouman, Harvester 25 (0.3), Saskia Van der Kamp

(front line)

Céleste Combes, Kristine Maurer, Maud Terhark, Esther Wanda Dekker

Farm facilitators (Middle line)

House Keeper Nicolas Schiefelbein, Farm Weaver Agnes Schneidewind, La Patrona Isabel Burr Raty
Farm Fertiliser Elke Van Campenhout

Curated by Willem Velthoven & Jans Possel
Produced by Anne Lakeman

Co-produced with Mediamatic Amterdam

Supported by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Flanders State of the Arts Belgium, WAB nadine

Space Design Nicolas Schiefelbein

Over the summer time in August 2019 Amsterdam the third farm was built inside Mediamatic’s Sluisdeurenloods, ex-canal lock gate warehouse and in its 6 small greenhouses. Mediamatic is an art centre dedicated to new developments in the arts since 1983 focusing on nature, biotechnology and art+science, experimenting with new (living) materials and contributing to circular economies.

FARM-green-house-03 copy.jpg


Green House

FARM-green-house-02 copy.jpg


FARM-green-house-01 (1) copy.jpg


 @ The Monastery Solwaster Les Ardennes 2021


(from left to right)

3 July 2021

Farm Harvesters (back line) Emma Coupez, Neri De Meester, Vera Sofia Mota, Marte Boneschansker, Justine Maxelon / not in the photo Francesca Chiacchio
Farm facilitators (front line) Fertiliser Elke Van Campenhout, Weaver Lois SoleilPatrona Isabel B.R,

2 January 2021

Farm Harvesters / Farm facilitators ​An Goovaerts, Patrona Isabel Burr Raty, Kato Van Reusel, Fertiliser Elke Van Campenhout, Marzia Dalfini 

1 January 2021

Farm Harvesters (back line) Maria Lucia Cruz Correia, Gosie Vervloessem, Delphine Somers, Vivian Vermelis, Jorine Ceulemans

Farm facilitators (front line) Patrona Isabel Burr Raty, Fertiliser Elke Van Campenhout 


Co-Curated with Heike Langsdorf & Simone Basani
Co-produced with The Monastery, radical_house & nadine Brussels

Supported by VGC, Activiteitenpremie VG, WAB nadine, ZSenne Art lab

After completing an one week online Farm workshop, covid proof live Farms (Farm Greenhouse 1,2,3) took place at The Monastery, located in Les Ardennes, during winter and summer of 2021. The beautiful surroundings of this part of Belgium provides the perfect conditions to retreat from daily lives and to be in contact with nature. The Monastery is a house where Elke Van Campenhout, the Farm Fertiliser, is running a life/art project that hosts body practices.

BKFF 0.1 manufacturing activities.jpg
BKFF 0.1 harvesting activities.jpg
BKFF 0.1 storing activities.jpg
BKFF 0.2 manufacturing activities.jpg
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